What I’m Wicked Into: The Good Getter’s Holiday Gift Guide

Heyheyyyy! Happy Wednesday, friends and fam. 🙂

I literally cannot believe it’s almost Christmas. We’re just about a month away. How did that even happen?!

I always try to get a leg up on Christmas shopping because it creeps up fast and a lot of times, we’re shipping gifts out from across the country.

So if you’re still shopping (which I’m guessing you are) and need a little help with your Christmas gift list, I’m here to offer some help.

I’ve been scoping the web and have compiled a list of gifts to get for those special people in your life.

Feel free to steal these ideas and make your life/shopping a little easier this year!


Party Host

– A nice bottle of wine (My favorites to give are Apothic Red, Butter, and Chronic Cellars)
– A holiday-scented candle (I love Anthro’s Voluspa candles)
– Set of four dessert plates (These are too cute)
– A wine stopper (This elephant one is sophisticated)
– A tea set
– Your favorite cookbook (Anthony Bourdain’s is my go-to)
– Anthropology decorative napkins/hand towels
– Cheese cutting board and knife (I’m in love with this one)

– Decorative desk trinkets (stapler, paper, post-its, clips) (ban.do’s options are so amazing)
– 2018 desk calendar
– Starbucks gift card
– Box of chocolates (See’s chocolates all the way)
– Homemade baked goods

Female Friend/Family Member

– Beautiful scarf
– A nice warm blanket
– Delicate dangling earrings (I’m feelin’ the simple statement these earrings make)
– Weekend travel bag/sophisticated backpack (Backpacks are for grown-ups too)
– A book they’ve been wanting
– An exercise tracker
– A 2018 planner
– A Sephora makeup kit/palette (This Tarte eyeshadow palette is too beautiful)

Male Friend/Family Member

– Leather wallet
– Cufflinks
– Silver or wooden watch (Super cool)
– Art of shaving kit
– Cologne (Hands down the best cologne for men. The scent is amazing)
– Engraved beer/whiskey glasses
– Fun socks (Unique and limited edition socks)
– A record player

Significant Other

– Concert/sporting event tickets
– Nice shoes (These boots are rugged and cool)
– A fall/winter jacket (Wrap jackets are in)
– A significant piece of artwork
– Something cute from Etsy!
– A musical instrument (Who wouldn’t want a ukelele? 😉 )
– An Ipad, Kindle, or Alexa
– TV/music subscription (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple Music)
– Massage/spa day
– A new purse/wristlet
– Gloves, scarf, and hat (Melrose and Market have great, affordable scarves)
– New pajamas
– A cozy bathrobe

– Dinner gift certificate (Pick a restaurant they always mention but never treat themselves to)
– Basket of food/treats/trinkets from Home Goods
– New bedding/pillows (There are cooling pillows that are amazing!)
– A family album (Make one on Shutterfly!)
– Framed new photos
– New kitchen table place settings (Some ideas here)
– Table centerpiece
– Kitchen utensils/equipment
– Family genealogy kit (Trace your family tree back with this)

Hope this helps you get started!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow,


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