Meet Me On The Mat: The Past Week

Hey there and Happy Monday!

This past week with my parents has gone by so fast. We’ve had a blast doing things together, spending Thanksgiving in San Pedro, and a long weekend in Long Beach/SoCal beach areas.

I promise to get back to my regular blogging style soon but until I’m back into a routine/not hosting out-of-town guests, this massive photo share will just have to do.

See you Wednesday!

This adorable deli in Seal Beach is a must-try! It was some of the tastiest food I’ve had in awhile.


Sam, me, and my parents on Thanksgiving night.
We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Long Beach and traveled around the beach areas north and south of it.


Our friend, Holly, joined us for Thanksgiving this year!
We loved Redondo Beach/Pier. The weather was perfect—mid 70s.


This flaming feta cheese plate from Papa Cristos Greek Restaurant was SO GOOD.


Cauliflower tacos from Tavern on 2 in Naples Island (an area of Long Beach).
My dad and I in Pasadena before heading to an arts/crafts festival.
Getting ready for live comedy at The Laugh Factory in Long Beach.
My mom and I on Malibu Pier before eating at Malibu Seafood up the street.
A cloudy and chilly Seal Beach sunset.
Long Beach peninsula.


A late night dinner at Taco Beach in Long Beach.


Having fun at Thanksgiving.
Post-lunch coffees from Javatinis. I had their Gingerbread Latte. Mmmmm!


Have a happy day and if you’re just getting back to work like me… a quick and easy one!


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