Meet Me On The Mat: Greatness

Good morning,

I’m so pumped for tonight because I’m seeing Lady Gaga in LA! I’ve always wanted to see her live, so I can’t wait to get to the show after work.

Can you believe Christmas is only one week away?

Time really flies. And it’s true when they say the older you get, it goes by even faster.

Slow down life!

I’m trying to savor the holidays because before you know it, they’re gone.

That’s why I’ve been creating the Christmas spirit for us here in LA… not that LA doesn’t have it, it’s just a little harder to really imagine it’s December when it’s 80-degrees.

This past weekend I did a wholeeeeee lotta nothing. I was really excited about keeping my plans limited, so much so that I was in my PJs well into Saturday and wasn’t too concerned about getting stuff done.

When was the last time you did close to nothing and didn’t feel bad about it? (Obviously, that’s much easier for someone like me to do than someone with kids!)

So what did my “nothing” look like?

I baked Christmas cookies. (Recipes coming to you on Friday.)

Wrapped some gifts.

Booked a getaway to the mountains over break with Sam. (This is how we plan on getting our snow fill.)

Had pizza.

Did laundry.

Stuff that didn’t involve me going anywhere…. 🙂

Oh, also… the photo I’m sharing up above that reads “610” is just something cool I like seeing everyday on the apartment building next to ours. It’s our wedding date. 😀 Just a nice and lovely reminder to see each day. Thought I’d share!

MEET ME ON THE MAT: “Greatness doesn’t come from what you do, but from who you are.” – Marie Forleo

When was the last time you felt really great in what you were doing in life, really proud and sure of your accomplishments?

Have you ever stopped to think that your greatness is just who you are, rather than what you do?

Try it out for a minute.


Push aside all your checklists, goals, and tasks. And, what’s left?


You’re still just as great without all that “stuff” and you still hold onto all the things that make you special.

Sometimes it’s hard to not let your work and professional successes define you. But when we’re stripped of all those things, what’s left is just who we are. And that’s always enough.

We aren’t our jobs, our education, our grades, and our finances. We’re much, much more.

Hope this helps you look at life a little differently today.

Have a great Monday,


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