What I’m Wicked Into: Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour

Good morning. 🙂

I hope you and yours had an amazing Christmas and are still enjoying all the joy the season brings. Next up is New Year’s!

Today I wanted to talk about something fun. Anything music-related is always fun, right?

Earlier last week, Holly and I went to the Lady Gaga concert in LA and it was EVERYTHING!


We both really wanted to go but just kept putting it off until the last minute. As Dec. 18 approached, I was like… “Hmmmmm, we should really just do this!”

I’m so happy we decided to just make it happen! Definitely something I won’t ever regret spending money on.

Lady Gaga’s last night in LA was her final leg of the North America part of her tour. Up next are 18 dates in Europe.

Our seats were pretty far away, but the coolest thing happened….

She ended up coming over to our side after moving from the far main stage, to a center stage and then this back stage. So cool!

Here she is playing piano.


What I loved about her show was the energy. I don’t usually go to pop concerts—or even shows this big—so I wasn’t sure what to expect…

The second we walked in, the energy was bonkers! Everyone knew every word of every song, and we were all dancing the entire time.

Gaga was born to perform. She’s edgy, has an incredible live-singing voice, and can dance her butt off.

I’m always so impressed when an artist sounds the same—and even better—in concert.

You can tell how much she loves what she does.

I was particularly pumped to hear all her new stuff off the Joanne album. It’s more folky compared to her older stuff and so many of the songs have just stuck with me ever since I first heard them/watched her documentary.

She brought producer, Mark Ronson, on stage to sing “Joanne” with. That was super cool! I’ve always loved Mark’s work with Gaga and Amy Winehouse.



Here are a ton of photos from the show!


I’m also super pumped that she just signed for her own residency in Vegas! This might mean I’ll be going to see her again in the near future. No complaints!

If you ever get the chance to see her, do it.

Have a great day,

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