What I’m Wicked Into: Our Mini Getaway To Wrightwood, CA


Last weekend, Sam and I got out of town for one night to see some trees (city life=little greenery), get some fresh air, and just cozy up by the fireplace before getting back to work/starting the New Year.

One of our favorite things to do together is explore new areas. We love walking around nature paths, town stores, and checking out the local food scene.

There’s something really refreshing about a change of scenery and doing nothing but whatever you feel like doing—no solid itinerary.

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When we were considering places to go, we knew we didn’t want to go too far, especially since we were only staying a night.

Wrightwood, which is part of the Angeles National Forest, seemed like the perfect option.  It’s just an hour-and-a-half from us. Plus, I had heard tons of good things about the town from my close friend Maria, so I knew we’d have a fun, relaxing time.

We’re a sucker for bed & breakfasts, so when we found there was one in town, we looked into it and booked ourselves a room.

I know not everyone loves the idea of common areas with strangers or a big community breakfast, but we’ve always been into it. In fact, what we’ve come to learn is, everyone wants their own space, but still is open to socialize when they cross paths during their stay.

Anyway, we found a spot to stay and well, the Rhinestone Rose Inn is super cute and definitely funkyyyyyyyy. (Check it out here)

It’s the coolest and homiest house with different themed rooms, as well as detached cabins. There are back patio areas with seating, and tons of wood burning fireplaces.

We loved how eclectic it was from first glance. Every nook and cranny of Loretta’s home was well thought out, unique, and warm. We loved it.

Check it out and see what you think.


Here’s what our room looked like. The bed was super comfy, the fireplace an extra nice touch, and the bathroom was HUGE.


Before we checked in, we headed up to Mountain High to get our fill of the ski scene. We didn’t do any ourselves, but we walked around a bit and then took some time checking out a nature path.


Later in the town center, we checked out a brewery and the cute businesses in the area.


We tried their porter, red ale, and sour. All good!

I’m in love with my thick and warm handmade poncho Sam got me a few years ago. Perfect weather (40s/50s) and location to wear it. I was clearly pumped.


Sam made a new friend… a Golden Retriever named Hunter. Lol!


After we had dinner out (pizza and salad) at The Yodeler, we headed back to the B&B for a relaxing night in. We ended up having the whole downstairs to ourselves, so we watched a few movies on the big couch. I maybeeee fell asleep there for a bit. Hehe!

The next morning, we had breakfast upstairs with another really nice couple. We chit-chatted over coffee and then had a huge spread to choose from—bagels, croissants, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, cookies…

Then, we kept exploring…

The Angeles Crest Highway is so beautiful and vast.


We drove for a couple hours…

And took a different way home than our way up.


Definitely check out Wrightwood if you are craving a quick getaway from LA. It’s beautiful, quaint, quiet, and cozy all around. We loved it.

‘Til next time sweet little town.

Take care!


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