Feel Good Friday: Random Snapshots From The Past Couple Weeks

Mornin’ and Happy Friday!

When I sit down to blog, I usually have an idea or a message I’m working to get across to you, like a new recipe, a yoga class recommendation, or a recent trip.

Well, today, I opened up my phone and realized there were tons of pics that I just never shared anywhere. While that’s kinda cool in a way—to keep things personal—I thought it would also make for an interesting post… to show unfiltered, random photos straight from my phone.

So, here goes nothin’.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately when I’m not yogaing, working, or cooking.

1. A rainy start to the day…


Ended with this!


(I work on the 10th floor of my building, hence the great view!)

2. I’ve been ditching the creamer/milk AND stevia from my coffee and just having it black. I feel healthier overall and it’s nice getting to taste the richness of the coffee beans that we grind every morning.


How do you take your coffee?

3. Sam is the breakfast KING.

These are the kind of breakfast sandwiches he makes on weekends when he has more time to cook something up.

Holy moly.


Speaking of delicious things…

4. When I went to Universal over winter break, I made sure to stop by VooDoo Donuts and grab us a few to enjoy. VooDoo Donuts is HUGE up in Portland, OR.


Look at these crazy flavors!


I was soooooo full even after just one.

5. Also during break, Sam and I went out with our friends Keith and Val and enjoyed splitting these three mini Pizookies from BJ’s Restaurant.

I think I liked the salted caramel one best.

It had been years since I had one of these. SO WORTH THE CALORIES! Lol


6. I’ve been a fan of Justin Timberlake since way back when, so when his new song “Filthy” came out, I lost my mind, haha!

It’s really funky and dance-y. 🙂


He’s coming to LA on tour in April, so I just may have to go. 😉

7. April will mark two years of consistently going to One Down Dog yoga as an unlimited member, woo!!


It has felt so nice to call this yoga studio home the past couple years and just really work on my yoga practice in general. ODD kind of reminds me of the cute little community studios back in Massachusetts, where I’m from.

8.  Sam and I are doing “Sober January” this month again (remember we did it last year?). But, before Jan. 1, we enjoyed some Moscow Mules in our new copper mugs from our friends Kris and Chris!


Having this drink in a legit cold copper mug is too fun. I feel like it tastes better, hehe!

Going back to Sober January… I’m allowing myself to have fun this weekend while Caitie is here/we’re exploring the Central Coast’s winery/brewery areas, and I will just tack on those few days into February so it counts as a full month! (Just being completely
transparent here). 🙂

So, that’s about it. Those were just a few things that you don’t see from my day-to-day life. The unfiltered, not-so-healthy, random things.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have an awesome weekend!

I’m off to hit the road with my pal and have a girly getaway. 😀



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