Exploring San Luis Obispo, Part 2

Hey there. 🙂 Happy Friday!

How are things going on your end?

I am excited for a relaxing weekend… it seems the older I get, the more I get excited for that, haha. We don’t have a ton planned. Big Pats game on Sunday, though!

On Wednesday, I shared Part 1 of my trip to San Luis Obispo.

Ready for Part 2?


Here’s a look at how Caitie and I spent the second part of our girls trip up in SLO.


We were on a roll with our first two days of working out, and Day 3 was no different. Since we were a little sore from our big 2-hour hike the day before, we decided to take it a little bit easier—but not too easy.

We were told by a few people to check out Bishop Peak for a solid hike, so we headed there.

Coffee and breakfast came first though, at BlackHorse Bakery. I got a spinach and feta croissant and an iced latte. We split a slice of cinnamon cake. We have a couple of sweet teeth, wouldn’t ya say? 😉


Bishop Peak started out a pretty steep looping incline, but once we were up and over, it was pretty leveled out for the second half. All-in-all it was about an hour-and-twenty minutes to complete.


There was an option to hike to the summit, but we didn’t go that route. That one was alllllll incline for 2 miles.

Maybe next time!


We’re dorks, lol! These look like “senior photos.”


After our hike, we checked out the pool area for some fun in the sun.


It was quite busy, probably because the weather was so nice and all the wedding parties staying at The Madonna Inn.

The heated pool felt so nice and i loved getting some sun on my face.


You know me, always trying to get my tan on.


An hour or so later, we hit the town for some lunch.

Another deli spot was calling our names—High Street Market & Deli. It was packed inside, so that was a good sign we were somewhere popular.


We got some food, hit the road, and ended up at Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards.

They had tons of outdoor space to relax.


This vineyard is home to over 100 peacocks. Crazy, right?

They were everywhere I looked.


We enjoyed our tasting outside and used poker chips to keep track of how many we had left—5 total. 🙂


There was a cute counter in the backyard area where you could do your tasting.


After this vineyard, we headed over to probably one of our favorites—and Caitie’s top pick when she researched—Silver Horse Vineyards.


This location was converted from an old school house to a winery, as can be seen by the old wood floors, pocket doors, and chalkboards. It even smelled like an old antique building. We really dug it!


We loved their red blends a lot, especially since we are more red-lovin’ gals than white.


Come night time, we headed to another restaurant we were recommended—Ember in Pismo Beach, just about 20 minutes away from where we were staying.


This place rocked. We loved their vibe, the pizza, and the dessert.

Spicy Pork Sausage & Rapini Pizza:


Oven Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Cake:


So damn good. You gotta go!


Monday was our last day (tear), so we got up pretty early to have some more fun before heading back to LA.

First up was breakfast at Nautical Bean.


Instead of a hike, we found a nice walking trail that seemed pretty popular by the locals—Bob Jones Bike Trail.

It was a beautiful paved path that went on under the trees for a couple miles. There were a few areas where it split off to markets and hotels. I really liked how private it felt.


We spent a good hour+ walking around here.

On the way south, we checked out Pismo Beach—this time in the daylight.


Such a nice, sunny day!

Next up was lunch at one of my favorite Santa Barbara places—Cold Spring Tavern. I told Caitie we had to go, because it’s just the coolest hidden gem EVER.


It was unusually quiet here, but still really nice…. I’m used to this being a big biker place with tons of people traveling through and live music, but for some reason, it was just eerily quiet. Maybe it was the time—2pm—or the fact that parts of the 101 were closed.

We sat inside near the fire and enjoyed some comfort food. 🙂


We hit the road for LA, but soon came to realize we had to go back up and around the detours. This added a couple hours to our drive, but it gave us some bonding time. Hah!

We were laughing and talking about it all night, and eventually just accepted that hey, it’s life!


What an awesome time. 🙂 We are the best travel buds.

Have a great weekend and get up to SLO sometime if you can.

Cin Cin,

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