What I’m Wicked Into: Life Lately

Hey friends!

How’s the week going for you?

It’s been busy over here. Work is pickin’ up, my car’s in the shop, and I’m keeping really busy in my down time with lots of little projects (mainly organizing).

Sometimes I like to share random photos of what I’ve been up to that don’t quite make it to social media or my usual posts.

Here’s a look a life lately.

1. I had a brutal allergic reaction last Friday that landed me in urgent care. I’m not sure I ever shard this on the blog, but I’m really allergic to sunflower seeds (and salmon—but not as seriously), and there must have been some in my soup sample, because within a minute I felt so out of it.

An hour later, I broke out into a crazy full-body rash and decided to go get help. Meds and medical attention did the trick!

I’ll spare you the really bad photos of the hives on my back and stomach. Here’s just one of my neck/ear area turning bright red.


All weekend I took it easy to get better.

Guys, don’t mess with your food allergies. Ask questions, seek help, and rest. So happy it wasn’t worse than this for me.

If you haven’t been allergy tested in awhile, consider doing it. My sunflower seed allergy is fairly new—only about 3 years old—so new allergies can develop… about every 7 years or so. Just an FYI.

2. We’ve been loving our new fleece sheets so much that it’s actually hard to get out of bed lately, haha.

I’d highly recommend the ones we got from Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Buy them here.)


You may think we’re crazy for using fleece sheets in California, but they really are a game-changer. We first felt them at a bed & breakfast in Wrightwood, and from there we just knew we had to get some for our own home.

3.  Flowers from Sam are the best, especially in celebration of my blog’s anniversary!

Such a thoughtful hubby I’ve got!


4. Crafting is my fave.

Art’s just always been something I love seeing and creating.


I decided to make some cards and gift tags, and I really love how everything came out. 🙂

Check em out.


5. I’ve been trying to keep my at-home yoga practice alive. Lately, I haven’t been able to make my morning classes since Sam and I are currently sharing a car, so I’ve been setting up space in our room to flow on my own.


It may not be as luxurious as a yoga studio, but it gets “the job” done. I try to make it extra special by lighting candles, playing music, and burning lavender.

6. These were our faces watching the Pats game last Sunday.


We’re stoked to be going to the Superbowl again. Go Pats!

7. You may have seen this on my Instagram Story, but I meal-prepped Veggie Collard Green Wraps (thanks for the recipe, Inspiralized) for lunches this week and guys… they have been incredible!


I couldn’t believe how delicious the thai peanut sauce was. It really brought the whole meal together.

And because the collard greens are so big, they really act as the perfect wrap for all the bursting veggie ingredients.

Definitely make these, friends!

Recipe here.

Hope you all have an amazing day today. 🙂

Keep creating,


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