Meet Me On The Mat: Find What Inspires You

Hellllllo! Happy Monday, friends.

What’d you do this past weekend?

I had a pretty busy one with work and getting things done around the apartment.

Crazy how much we can pack into one weekend, huh?

Sam was away on a fun work trip (snowboarding and paddle-boarding) so I had a solo weekend. And since I had to work, I really didn’t have enough time to make “plan plans” so my plans consisted of getting a little organized.


Let’s see… I:

-cleaned the apartment (vacuumed, cleaned the floors)
-talked with some friends
-made a Target run (cleaning and beauty stuff)
-took a flow yoga class with one of my favorite teachers
-got a coffee at Dinosaur Coffee in Silverlake
-went to Whole Foods for a mini shop
-watched the documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix
-organized all our bills/mail into folders and arranged misc. things on our kitchen table
-got a new lamp (ours broke)
-did some work from home
-made myself dinner  – a “Beyond Burger” with brussel sprouts on the side
-made myself breakfast – an egg scramble bowl with avocado, veggies, and arugula
-talked to our neighbor for a bit
-bought a gift for someone online
-researched flights/trips for later in the year

Damn, when I really type it all out.. that seems like a lot. Like I said, we really do get a lot done when we sit down and get after it! 🙂

Let’s get to today’s mantra.

MEET ME ON THE MAT: Find What Inspires You


Inspiration comes in many forms: people, money, titles, happiness, results.

And when we sit down and really think about what gets us motivated, it can be a combination of all of those things and more.

When I really think about what inspires me to do well in life and succeed, it all boils down to staying grounded and genuine.

What drives me is whatever is authentic to who I am.

I’m not going to be driven to do something or accomplishing a task unless it speaks to me in some way loud and clear.

Can you say the same?

I don’t always want to hit the gym, but my real self knows how great I feel after… so I go.

I don’t always want to wake up early for a work project, but my authentic self knows that that’s the kind of worker I am, so I wake.

I don’t always want to stay up late writing a blog post, but the real me knows that I’ve promised a new post to my readers, so I write.

See where I’m going?

I think we all hold ourselves accountable in some way. We almost feel guilty when we don’t do something we know we should or said we would. Accountability is important.

I think that’s our authentic selves speaking up and saying, “Hey, do that thing. You should and you can. Go and get it done.”

I rely on my inner voice to help me stay inspired and motivated. Sure, other people and goals keep me inspired but it really is myself that gets me there.

We all have internal conversations with ourselves.

Let those voices guide you to stay on track and accountable. But remember also that we are human and when we need time to rest, rest. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Just listen to the real you.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

Listen in,


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