Feel Good Friday: Delicious Maple Frosted Cinnamon Buns

You know what makes me feel good?

Sweets. (Cue the laugher!)

But it’s true…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the biggest sweet tooth.

It’s something I definitely have to keep in check because it seems that I just have an endless love affair with sugar and even when I try to limit it from my diet, it’s hard to say no to a cookie, slice of cake, or muffin when they’re offered as a treat at any get together.

Maybe that’s why I work out so much. Lol! To make up for it.

Before heading to work last week weekend to cover a big event, I decided to bake up something special for my awesome co-workers.

I was craving cinnamon buns…. so…..

That’s what happened.

When I was researching how to go about it, The Pioneer Woman’s recipe was one of the first that popped up.

I love this woman.

She makes the best stuff and she knows that not skimping on the good stuff results in delicious goodies.

She openly talks about her love for sugar, butter, and chocolate—and owns that her recipes are what they are… decadent. She’s not a diet, fat-free kinda gal and I hand it to her for her honestly.

Sometimes when you want something sweet, you just want the best of everything… right?


I got to baking and the end result was INCREDIBLE.


Ree’s recipe blew it out of the park for me and Sam. We LOVED how these turned out.

Warm, gooey, cinnamon-y, maple-y, and fluffy.

Sam looked at me and said, “This may be the best thing you’ve ever baked.”

Awwwww, Sammmmmm….

Those couple hours in the kitchen were well spent.

This recipe was easy to follow but just a tad time-consuming.

If you’re planning on making these yourself, here are a few tips that I’d keep in mind before getting started:

– Definitely wait for the boiled mixture to cool wayyyyy down, before adding the active yeast.
– Allow the dough to cool in the fridge for an hour or so before rolling out. It’s way easier to work with when cooled down.
– Before baking, allow the cooled tray of buns to warm up in room temperature and rise a tad on the counter.
– Always taste-test your cinnamon buns when they come out before serving to a crowd. The same goes for seeing if they are fully baked through since they are quite thick.
– Pour the maple mixture right away. It may look like TOO much, but it does sink wayyyy down into the dough crevices.

The maple mixture ended up soaking up all the cinnamon buns and disappearing from the top.

– If you’re adding pecans (like I did on one half), then add them right after the maple frosting so they stick to it. If you wait, they may not hold as well.
– Serve warm (duh). They are best straight out of the oven or microwaved for up to 30 seconds. So remind your guests to enjoy the full experience.

Have fun in the kitchen.

Get lost in the magic of cinnamon buns.

I sure did.

Here’s the full recipe.



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