Meet Me On The Mat: Weekend Recap

Good morning!

How are you?

This past weekend was so much fun and filled with lots of friends and outings.

Sam and I finished up our annual “Sober January” challenge (remember when we first tried that out?) and celebrated with a bottle of wine at The Sit Down in Hollywood, haha! How fitting. 🙂

The funny thing to me about Sober January is…. I’m not even a big drinker, but I find that I want to go out less during that month because half the time, work happy hours, dinners with friends, and nights out in LA revolve around drinking (to some degree). There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not as exciting taking part in those outings knowing I have to sit there and have water, lol!

Anyway… dinner at The Sit Down was really nice. Their back patio was too cute and I’d definitely recommend this spot for a date night.

FRIDAY was the end to a very long, very stressful, and tiring week. Sam and I both agreed that we’d spend it in. Honestly, we knocked out before 10. We were both just pooped from work that week.

SATURDAY I decided to take a Zumba class because it’s been so long since I’ve gone.

But before I headed there, I made Sam some yummy french toast.


He loved it.


A lot of the music changed since the last time I was at Zumba, so I had a ton of learning to do. I caught on pretty quickly though.

On the walk home, I saw this sign and liked it. 😀


Yoga is definitely my go-to workout, but I gotta say, dancing a bit felt so nice.

In the afternoon, I met up with some friends for lunch at The Grove’s Farmers Market (Monsieur Marcel) and a little shopping.

We all got salads, and they were great.

I hadn’t been there in forever, so it was cool walking around and taking in all the sights. I sometimes forget how packed those outdoor malls get on the weekends—and, well, always. Haha.

Later at night, Sam and I had plans to go out with some of our close friends for a double date.

I even straightened my hair for the night.


We ended up at a place called Industriel in downtown LA and it was awesome!

It was kind of like a farm-to-table place, which I really was into.

Their food, drinks, and atmosphere were all great.


We split house-made olives, baked brie, and short rib croquettes. And for my meal, gnocci.

After dinner, we hit up Clifton’s for a drink and then Patten Bar for one more. 😉


Overall it was a really fun night with great company.

Plus, we got to explore 3 places that we had never been to.

SUNDAY I went to another Zumba class with some friends who love dancing as much as me.

It was an amazing workout. The music and choreography were both FIREEEEEE.

I whipped up my cinnamon buns (they were requested!) for the Super Bowl party we were going to and then we hit the road to enjoy the game with friends.


Overall it was an awesome weekend, but now I’m feelin’ it. 🙂

Wish I had just oneeeee more day.

Hope you have a great Monday,

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