What I’m Wicked Into: Mid-Week Check In

Hey guys!

Just checking in to say hello, and tell you the truth…

I am just so busy lately. (And, I know I’m not the only one.)

You ever feel like your list of things to do keeps growing and growwwwwwing?

Just as fast as you cross things off your list, you’re adding new ones.

Life can get a bit hectic, huh?

That’s where meditation and yoga come into play for me.

They get me through.

I always feel better on my mat and right after I leave the studio.

I have to admit, I haven’t been journaling as much as I’ve wanted to lately. I’m working on that.

Literally my nights have gone like this:
-get into comfy clothes
-make dinner
-watch a little TV
-organize things around the apartment
-blog, write, email
-watch a little more TV
-get ready for the next day
-wash face, brush teeth
-crawl into bed

What did I do the past couple days?

Let’s see…

Monday I intended on working out, but snoozed…

Work was pretty typical.

At night, I made veggie patties with veggies on the side (I’m on a health kick right now), and watched The Bachelor. The episode was so good!

Some friends at work love it too, so we all chat about it each week. 🙂

Tuesday I took one of my favorite yoga classes with Caitlin at 7am. It was an awesome class, per usual.

I liked her class a lot this week because it seemed like a bit of a different flow than normal. Classes like that keep me on my toes because I never know what’s next.

Work was good. I had lunch with a few friends at Paty’s in Toluca Lake and after work, went to David’s Bridal to try/pick out my bridesmaid dress for my friend Rebecca’s wedding in August.

A jam-packed day!

The rest of the week looks busy as ever, mainly because of work stuff, but I know I’ll get through it.

Things I’m excited for that are coming up:
-lunch with special friends today (always the best)
-Valentine’s Day (we decided this year we’re not going all-out, but it’ll still be fun—duh)
-a long weekend (couple weeks away)
-more Zumba (I forgot how much I missed it until I took two classes last weekend)
-more journaling (I gotta get back on track)

That’s about it for today.

Nothing too much to share, but that’s okay. Sometimes there just isn’t…

Hope you have a great Wednesday!



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