Feel Good Friday: What It’s Like To Be A Morning Person

Hey guys!

How are you this morning?

I’m so happy it’s Friday and there’s a long weekend ahead. I’m ready for some fun and relaxation. The weekends are just the best way to unwind.

Our Valentine’s Day was super cute and cozy. We made chicken parm, a side of pasta, and some broccolini. And of course, some Chronic Cellars wine.

Sam was the bestest and got me some lovely treats, roses, and other sweet gifts.

I got him a bag of goodies too, including a new shirt, craft beer, and maple coffee!

I’d say we know each other pretty well. 😉

On to today’s post…

What It’s Like To Be A Morning Person:

People think I’m crazy when I tell them I wake around 6am every day.

But to me, it’s always just been the norm—and here’s why.

I grew up in a family of early risers.

My Dad always got up by 4:30/5, my mom by 6, and my brother and I, not too long after that.

We were the type of family that would shower, get ready, and head out in the door thanks to systematic and smooth routines.

When I had a routine and was on a mission, I just felt more focused and ready for my day.

I guess you could say we were all just naturally motivated people.

This same kind of morning up-and-go routine has stuck with me into my adulthood and I really feel that it explains a lot about who I am.

I rise with the sun.

I feel inspired in the morning.

I love morning coffee.

I like to have a plan and set out to achieve it.

I’m goal-oriented.

I simply just have more energy in the mornings.

I love breakfast.

I prefer morning workouts.

I love quiet, self-care time.

It’s all starting to make sense now, huh?

A few years ago, I read that some of the most successful people are morning people. They rise early after a good night’s sleep and set aside time in the morning to reflect, set goals, and work on things they may not get to throughout the day when things pick up.

That’s when I had an “a-ha” moment.


The most successful people I ever knew myself were—in fact—morning people…. my parents, some of my mentors, teachers, co-workers, friends…

These people meant business and they went into their day with a mission-like mindset.

I, all the sudden decided that I wasn’t going to hide that I preferred mornings, and that I was going to accept they worked for my lifestyle.

Instead, I was going to embrace that part of me.

Mornings mean I get shit done.

Mornings come with peacefulness.

Mornings are my time.

And, there’s something so nice about having saving those hours for just me.

When life gets hectic and my tired eyes are done, I rest and wake ready for a new day.

And before things may get hectic again, my mornings allow me the time to tune in.

I may meditate, write, email, make breakfast, do some yoga…

The list is whatever I want it to be.

All I know is, come 9am, I’ve accomplished more than some people do all day, just by taking that time to take care of myself.

That’s huge for me, and I have no doubt I’ll be this way forever.

It’s just one small part of me, but I like it this way.

Are you a morning person?

Why or why not?

I’d be extra interested to hear why some of you may be night owls. What keeps you up and going after a long day? WHERE do you find your drive? 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend,

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