Meet Me On The Mat: Weekend Vibes

Good morning!

Are you one of the lucky ones (like me) with the day off today? Hope so, ’cause you deserve it. 😉

Three day weekends are the best. I wish every weekend was a three-day weekend, haha.

Let me recap the last few days for ya.

FRIDAY I worked a bit later than usual, so when I came home, all I wanted to do was eat, watch TV and chill. And, that’s just what I did. Sam picked up one of my favorites from Whole Foods (their thai veggie/chicken rice spring rolls) and I immediately indulged when I got home around 8… with a glass of moscato.

SATURDAY was a little bit of work and a lot a bit of fun after. I’ve pretty much accepted that this whole month of February was gonna include more work hours than normal, so I’ve been writing a bit on the nights and weekends (but not enough to take over my whole weekend 😉 ).

After a few hours of work—and an at-home banana and peanut butter oat bowl—Sam and I made an errand to buy new house plants.


We got four plants, all different, and placed them all around our home. I LOVE them. They really do feel special here and add a sense of nature and calmness. Pops of earthy greens really do make a home feel different.

Later around 3pm, I met a friend at a SWEAT/SCULPT yoga class at One Down Dog Silverlake. My friend, Ben (who just got his Yoga Teach Certification, was teaching his first class), so I really wanted to show my support and get a great workout.

Ben was amazing. Such a pro! I usually don’t take classes that intense but I’m really glad I did. I broke a good sweat and definitely was feeling it the day after.

Also, during class…. I realized, man, I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. Things that used to be really hard for me come way more easily now, like holding plank for awhile, mountain climbers, long side planks…

That feels good.

Saturday also called for Dunks! (Don’t mind the blurriness of this video screenshot, hah)


Later, I met my friend Maria for dinner at Barcari GDL and it was yummy, as always.

We split their smokey chipotle cauliflower, wild caught red snapper ceviche, and their seared scallops over carrot puree.

I’m so glad Maria enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you’re looking for a bunch of small plates to share with friends, this is your spot.

We did some shopping afterward and then I watched a bunch of episodes of the new Queer Eye (on Netflix) before bed. If you haven’t see it, OMG, it’s such a great show. I’ve been binge watching it, haha!

SUNDAY I did some writing of my own with coffee. I tend to just get up early (hence, my last post), so when the morning hours are quiet, it ends up being “me time” in the kitchen area of our place. I like it.

We didn’t have any solid plans for Sunday except for dinner reservations at Malbec in Toluca Lake, so the day was ours for the taking.

We drove around a bunch and got some fresh air.

The weather has been cooling down, from 80 to 60s, so we’ve been enjoying the “LA winter” we’re getting.

We ended up at Santa Monica Brew Works for a little tasting.


We walked around the beach a bit, too.


Dinner was fantastic. It was a belated Valentine’s Day dinner out for us since we avoided the crowds on the actually day last week. Sam wanted steak, so Sam got… steak. 😀


I got a rolled chicken dish with polenta and spinach.


Both were delicious and we can’t wait to return to try more of their amazing menu.

What did you do over the weekend? Hopefully something fun.

Hope your week ahead is fun, new, and refreshing.

Go get it,

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