Meet Me On The Mat: Inspirational Sayings I Recently Heard—And Loved

Hey guys!

How are you doing this morning? Have a fun weekend?

Here’s a quick look at what I did the past couple days.

FRIDAY I went out with some friends from work. We started with dinner and a cocktail at Forman’s in Toluca Lake and then moved the party to Hollywood at Saint Felix.


We chatted a bunch and enjoyed each other’s company.


I didn’t stay out too late. Is this what 30 is? LOL!

SATURDAY Sam and I had an early breakfast at IHOP before I headed to Zumba with some friends.

As always, it was a great workout and lots of fun.

After, I went to David’s Bridal to pick up my bridesmaid’s dress and then did a little shopping at Marshall’s. Just got a few candles and makeup remover wipes.

The rest of the day, I literally didn’t do much other than enjoy some Thai food and watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with Sam.

We LOVED it. We wanted to try to watch a couple Oscar-nominated films before the Oscars on Sunday. 🙂

In case you forgot, I absolutely love award shows.

Anyway, SUNDAY was pretty lazy too, other than our hike around Lake Hollywood. It was a good one-hour walk. The temps were perf—breezy but still warm.


The rest of the day, we got some groceries (including fresh fish for a couple seafood nights) and cleaning up the apartment.

Then, of course, the Oscars!

Inspirational Sayings I Recently Heard—And Loved

Last week, I heard a few sayings that I loved instantly and jotted down so I wouldn’t forget.


1. Nothing’s happened to you yet.

My friend told me this sentence helps her live her life day to day and not worry so much. And, as soon as I heard it, it helped me change my own outlook.

I tend to get ahead of myself and worry about things that haven’t even happened to me yet, whether it comes to work or upcoming events. It’s totally not worth it to stress about things that we have no control over.

2. “Let your kindness be like the rain that cares not about whom it falls upon.”

I love this. Be nice to everyone. It’s as simple as that. What’s the point of picking and choosing who we share our kindness with? Let your kindness flow freely, just like the rain.

3. Peace is present.

My tour leader at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens said this one. He said, it’s a saying used at the garden whenever people are taken out of the moment or find things to worry about. Just repeat “peace is present” and you’ll be taken back to here and now. There’s always peace in the present moment.


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