Feel Good Friday: Life This Past Week

Morning friends and happy happy Friday!

How have you been this week?

I’m so sorry I fell off the map this week. I always promise to be consistent with my posting (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) because it really means a lot to me to offer you guys what I promise, but honestly… 2018 has been such a whirlwind for me so far.

Work has been bananas. My role has changed and I’m learning a ton in social media. More than I ever knew before and in a whole different way. You never realize how much brain power you have/use until you’re at full capacity and just going, going… and going.


Anyway, it’s all going well, and that’s what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been a little more MIA on the blog. 🙂

As I sometimes do, today I’m sharing some random snapshots from my phone to show you a little more detail from my week.

Vintage leather jacket
I bought myself this after eyeing it for a few weeks at a resale shop. I love the Lady Gaga-esque vibe of it and how badass I feel in it.

The woman who owns the shop gave me a deal on it too. Can’t wait to wear this out some night soon.


Haircut in Studio City
Tuesday night, I got my hair cut and blown out by my good friend Holly. It was awesome walking about Studio City and drooling over the gorgeous homes/neighborhoods.

Also, I’ve been loving my freshly-trimmed hair. 😉

What areas of LA do you love exploring?


In a seafood state of mind
Sam and I have been loving the fresh seafood we’ve been getting in town at a place called Fish King. This week, we’ve had tilapia tacos and swordfish with quinoa. It’s nice to switch up what we eat and I really never realized just how much I enjoy seafood. I’m into it!

Morning coffee’s the best
Guys, I really do love my morning routine of having a cup of coffee. It makes me so stupid happy. As a side note, I’ve been trying not to have coffee past 1/2pm lately or even at all. Replacing cup #2 with tea is my aim.

I’ve also been trying to just drink my coffee black or with coconut/almond milk. No sugar.


Our motto at work these days
It’s true, haha!

When you’re working with a bunch of great, talented people, you realize that everyone plays a part and at the end of the day, your goals are theirs and vice versa. I’ve learned so much over my almost 4 years at CBS. I truly can’t believe how fast the time has gone by and all the amazing people I’m proud to call my friends here.

These stuffed animal dogs at work make me laugh
You just gotta find the fun wherever you can in life, right?

I’m forever grateful for our work view. Rolling mountains, cityscapes, and clear skies from the 10th floor.


I love D’s Superblends
I’m lucky enough to live in LA, the land of the food trucks—and even luckier that every day, 3-4 food trucks park outside my building. One of my favorites is D’s Superblends because they have tons of healthy options like this kale & quinoa salad (with cashews, avocado, and cucumbers). As good as it looks!


So, that’s the week in a nutshell. I’ve been up to a lot and am starting a mentorship program next week too… so I’ll be even busier. That’s a good thing though, yeah?

I like having things to do. 🙂

Take care and see you Monday,

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