Meet Me On The Mat: Oh Hey Guys!

Good morning!

How are things going, friends?!

I’m so happy I could squeeze in some time to say hello and fill you in on life lately.
(As you may remember, I’ve been quieter on the blog in the past month or so.)

I cannot believe it’s April already. This year is flyin’ and we have so many fun things to look forward to, like weddings, trips, our first wedding anniversary, summer concerts, and beach days!

The best part about living in Southern California has got to be the consistent gorgeous weather. Most days fall between 60-85 and it’s simply perfection. Knowing I don’t really ever need a coat and could live in sandals is the bestest!

Here are some random snapshots from life lately. 🙂

I made my yummy cinnamon rolls again for Easter.

This marked my fourth time making them in 3 months, so….. I gotta say that they are totally worth making if you’ve been wondering. 😉


We had a date night at Salazar the other week and it was AH-mazing. We had heard lots of great stuff about this outdoor, funky spot and it far exceeded our expectations. Their tacos, drinks, and ambiance blew it out of the park. I mean…. corn tortillas are the best, right? Right.

I’ll for sure be going back, ASAP!

Walks in our neighborhood are lovely.


Summer kick-off BBQs make me happy.


If you would have told me 10 years ago that I’d love sushi, I would have laughed. Now I’m all about it. 🙂

Here’s a look at dinner the other week. Yummo.


Hair by Holly D!

She rules and I love my fresh cut. I’ve been wondering if I want to go even shorter soon. We shall see…


I’ve been enjoying my down time a ton lately and the majority of the time, it’s spent right here in bed streaming shows. Haha!


This just makes me happy because it’s right in front of our place and it’s such a pretty color.


We saw the movie A Quiet Place (BTW, I have mixed feelings on it) the other night and here’s how the sky looked on our way there. Lovely.


Seafood is my jam this year. I’m all about it!

This coconut curry shrimp dish we created was awesome and super spicy. 🙂

Are you a fan of spiciness?


That’s about it for now. Just wanted to say hi and show you what I’ve been up to.

What’s new with you?

Take care!

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