Feel Good Friday: What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Well helllllllo, strangers!

Man, it’s been a couple weeks again since I’ve last written here. I swear the weeks just keep flying by before my very eyes. How is it already May? I just can’t. 😀

Sam and I were talking about how we have a full summer ahead of us and we’re just so excited for it. As plans come together and we fill out the calendar on our fridge (so old-school), I get more and more smiley with all the fun that’s to come.

Weddings, beach dates, travels, concerts… Good stuff!

What’s SUPER crazy to me is that our 1st Anniversary is right around the corner—June 10! We are heading to Laguna Beach (one of our favorite California areas) for a celebratory, champagne-filled weekend of R&R.

Check out some of my favorite California road trips here for summer travel inspo!


I’m one lucky lady to have found a love like this.

Anyway, back to life lately. I’ve been keeping quite busy at work especially with all I’m learning on my new social media team. There’s just so much to soak in, so I’m doing my best keeping up with everything and this summer is going to be bananas with all that’s to come show wise. Definitely taking it day by day, haha! That’s all you can do, right?

Let’s see, what else…

We went to a really fun beach music festival last weekend in Huntington Beach. Ska music, 311 headlined, all day in the sand, meeting a couple at a sports bar, street food, and sunny skies. Couldn’t have been better!


In case you forgot, I love avocados and sine we last chatted, I’m still very much obsessed with them…

Here’s a simple lunch idea. An avocado on rice cakes with “Everything But The Bagel” seasoning. Always hits the spot.


It’s also been a little “chilly” here in LA this past week. (It has warmed up by now though!)

So chilly in fact, that I’ve been wrapping myself up like a burrito at night.

Summer is right around the corner, though. And it sure does get hot here.


We’ve been watching LOTS of hockey the past month or so. Anytime a Bruins game is on, you better believe we (Sam) is watching. 😉 JK, I do watch too and it’s grown on me a ton over the years.

Good stuff!

I’ve had some tasty meals the past couple weeks.

You know me, I’m a foodie.

If you’re looking for new spots to try, look no further:

Sam and I had a romantic date night at Barbrix in Silverlake. Wine & tapas.

Maria and I met for a Mediterranean dinner one night at Cafe Santorini in Pasadena. Chicken kebabs and veggies.

Laura and I grabbed a tasty, fun lunch at Basecamp in Burbank. Charocoal lattes and veggie wraps.

Joey, Amanda, Sam and I met up at a New England-style restaurant called Connie and Ted’s in West Hollywood. The seafood was so yummy and so were the margaritas.

Sam, Nancy, Brishen, and I had a double date at Wood Ranch in Northridge, followed by seeing I Feel Pretty. So funny/good. Definitely a chick flick but I loved the positive message it told.

Val, Keith, Sam and I had brunch at Home in Silverlake. I tried their Huevos Benedictos. What sold it for me was the corn sopas they were served in! I’m a huge fan of corn chips, tortillas, and good ‘ol corn on the cob!

Which LA hot spots should I check out next?

Guess what else is right around the corner?

Sam’s 30th!

I’m super pumped to celebrate him. Birthdays are so much fun and this is a BIG one. 🙂

After that, we’re heading to the east coast for Sam’s best friend’s wedding later in May. It’ll be great to be back in MA for a lil bit, see some friends & fam, and honestly, just chill. LOL!

I truly look forward to my time off. It’s so refreshing to have no schedule, to sleep in, and to just enjoy a hot cup of coffee in my pajamas for more than 5 minutes. Isn’t vacation the best?!

I’m also SO ready to visit some of my favorite local spots in MA, like Ciao Bella in Worcester, Kate’s Powerhouse in Princeton, Panera with my Mom (it’s our thing), and maybe some of the breweries that have been popping up that I haven’t checked out yet!

Just so ready and pumped.

What do your ideal vacations/long weekends look like?

That’s about it from me.

So happy to sit down and write for a bit.

Have a great weekend!

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