Celebrating Rebecca And Sheldon’s Wedding At Harrington Farm

It’s hard to put into words what it feels like when one of your best friends gets married. Someone who is truly just as close as family.

All of your childhood memories flicker before your eyes. Some of those moments even get stuck in the belly of your throat, feeling so real again. You catch yourself smiling until it hurts. You look at your friend’s soon-to-be life partner and beam, knowing that they’ll be taken care of, loved, and treasured.

You stand there proud—and moved.

And, you feel honored to be a small part of it all.

That’s what happened when I attended one of my best friend’s weddings on August 25.

Once I returned to Massachusetts from my family trip in Maine, I was in full bridesmaid-mode.

I picked up my long charcoal-colored bridesmaid dress from my seamstress, attended Rebecca and Sheldon’s wedding rehearsal and dinner, and then spent the big day with Julia, Rebecca’s and lots of her fam as we prepared for the 6pm ceremony!

Harrington Farm is beautiful. Lush gardens, an old farm house, and a warm barn environment for the reception area. The perfect backdrop for the perfect couple.

Lucky for me, the Farm is in my hometown, which meant more time in an area that I love.

The anticipation built the closer we got to the couple’s”first look” around 3pm, which was the time that many of the photos were taken with the bridal party. It was quite the group! We all got along so well and shared so many laughs throughout the weekend.

Rebecca and Sheldon looked amazing—wow! I just couldn’t get over her dress. Simply stunning, with lace, buttons, and a flowing train.

Their love for each other has always been so apparent, especially on their day. Just a look and you know.

As the time approached 6pm, we all got in our places to walk down to the open garden and watch these two get hitched!

As Julia, my other best friend, and I walked down together, I couldn’t help but see so many other familiar faces—childhood friends and family. I even caught eyes with Sam and my parents right away on the left side, haha! And then of course, then I had to try not to laugh while I kept looking out at them from where I stood during the ceremony. 😀

When Rebecca walked down with her parents linked at her arms, I couldn’t help but get sentimental. There she was! My dear friend walking to her husband. Moments like this don’t get much sweeter.

Their ceremony was beautiful and all of the traditions that they incorporated were touching, like the ketubah, chuppah, the breaking of the glass, and of course, saying “Mazel Tov!” I loved it all.

Oh and one more—the yichud—which I had never known about before. For approximately 18 minutes after the ceremony, the bride and groom bond and rejoice privately on their matrimony. Cool, right? I’m totally into the idea of getting a private moment together to celebrate.

The reception was super fun! Great food, drinks, company, music (some Jamaican tunes even :D), and dancing… my fave.

It was awesome seeing Julia and her whole family, too, and reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in years.

Weddings are definitely a great time to bond like that and just spend time all together reminiscing and creating new memories.

Without further ado, here are some pics from Rebecca and Sheldon’s big day!




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