Looking Back At Summer 2018

Good Monday morning, friends! Hope you had a great weekend and today’s off to a nice start. 🙂

It’s been one helluva summer!

Sam and I have caught ourselves looking over at each other saying, “Man… we’ve done a lot this summer!”

We love being outdoors, trying new foods, seeing new places, and exploring life—I think that’s why we were open to all that was in store this summer.

This Spring, as we looked ahead to the summer months, we knew it would be busy… in the best way!

3 weddings, a wedding shower, our first anniversary, and a couple of local trips.

Fun was written all over it.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all that you’ve done, especially when you’re busy working or planning life. So, I thought for today, I would recap my summer and look back at all the fun that was had.


We took a super fun Greek cooking class downtown (we would highly recommend Hip Cooks LA) and I threw Sam a surprise 30th birthday at Arts District Brewing right after it with family and friends.


Our cousin, Karen, made him a custom red-velvet Bruins cake and we clinked our beer glasses over good laughs.

Then, mid-month we flew back to Massachusetts for Rebecca’s bridal shower (I surprised her at the venue) and Steve and Julie’s wedding!


Sam was the best man. 🙂 It was a fun week of seeing friends, family, and watching the lovely couple get married!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.28.12 AM


On June 10th, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Laguna Beach by staying right on the water at the Pacific Edge Hotel, soaking in the rays, and enjoying a romantic dinner coast-side. It was so relaxing being there for 2 nights… we wanted to stay much longer!


Later that month, we went with friends to our first country music concert in the Santa Clarita area! We had a great time.


Another Pointe Dume trip with Holly for July 4th! The water felt so good that we ended up swimming for a good hour.

C’mon, just look at that water.

Am I in California or on some remote island?


Then, we saw Dead and Company with Uncle Ed at Dodger Stadium! John Mayer is so talented—like wow.


One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go to Malibu Wines, so one Sunday we went with friends and the band we first saw there years ago was playing again. Cool, right? Tons of groovy 60s and 70s tunes.

Plus, plenty of photo opportunities.

Oh, and we had our own flower crowns made by an artist. Mine’s still looking good since I dried it. (Hmmm, I wonder if that means I could still wear it?)


Later in July, Sam and I headed to Seattle for our first time there and trekked the 2.5 hours to The Gorge to see Phish. What an incredible weekend! It was the perfect combo of sight-seeing and camping. Music was the added bonus.


Also in July, our other friends, Maria and Brandon, got married and their wedding was a legit PARTY—from their gorgeous Greek ceremony to their celebratory reception along Santa Monica beach. We danced all night long!

Next up was our fifth summer visit to the Huntington Beach US Open to watch some professional surfing. It’s been our little tradition since we moved here and it’s always fun to go. We end up buying new shirts and grabbing lunch at BLK Earth, Wine, Spirits.


Back to Massachusetts we went! This time, for a family trip up to Maine and Rebecca and Sheldon’s wedding in my hometown.


The trip was so special. Can’t beat family time and the togetherness that weddings bring. I left with a full heart.

I’m sure there were so many other smaller moments tucked into the past 3 months, but these ones were definitely the stand-outs.

Looking back, it brings a huge smile to my face seeing all that we’ve done. Memories that’ll last a lifetime.

How was your summer?!

Thanks for reading,

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