Meet Me On The Mat: Birthday Bliss

And just like that, I’m another year older.

The time between birthdays seems to shrink each year. Do you feel that way too? I swear I was just celebrating the start of a new decade, and BAM, now I’m 31.

I don’t know about you, but birthdays are really special to me. I love being with those I love and ringing in a new year of opportunities, good health, and adventure. There’s also a bit of reflecting that goes on for me each turn of the sun. I ask myself questions like…

  • Did I accomplish everything I set out to achieve this year?
  • Am I happy where life is at now?
  • What do I want to do next?
  • What are my goals for this year?
  • Where can I go the extra mile and where can I learn to relax more?

Things like that…


So this year, I decided to have a self-care day and make my actual birthday just part of a long weekend! Sounds pretty nice, right? That’s what I thought!

Sam didn’t get the day off (obviously… it’s not a national holiday haha), so I set out a plan for a few fun things to do—just me, myself and I.

Yoga at One Down Dog

There’s really no better start to my ideal day than doing some yoga at my studio. I “slept in” and went to an 8:30am class with one of my faves—Katherine. She is incredible at what she does, such a joy to be around, and you can just tell…. that she is a good human. Some people just give that vibe off. She’s 100% amazing.

Anyway, it was a great chill class to ease into my morning.


An acai bowl at Berry Bowl

I wanted something refreshing after class, so I headed to Highland Park for a yummy breakfast at Berry Bowl.

I went with this:

York Classic Bowl 
Base: Acaí, Blueberries, Banana, Strawberries, Apple Juice
Toppings: Granola, Strawberries, Bananas

Needless to say, I was not disappointed.


After class, I headed home for a bit to kick back.

I was telling Sam, there’s something so peaceful about easing into the day like that. I had nowhere to be and was in no rush, so I was able to really slow down and appreciate the city I’ve called home for 5 years in a brand new way.

Even the warm sun and the soft breeze felt different. I guess I was just noticing it in the present moment more. What a concept!

A couple hours later, I headed out for my massage—a gift from Sam.

Massage at The Now

When’s the last time you got a massage? It’s hard to remember, right? I always say this but… I need to go more regularly. It’s honestly one of the best, most relaxing things ever.

My friend told me about this massage boutique and once I looked it up, I knew I wanted to go.

Their atmosphere is very “Tulum” with clean white walls, hints of blue, sounds of crashing waves, and lit candles.

After I checked in for my signature massage (with a couple enhancements—”Fresh Eyes” and “CPD Lotion Therapy”), I hung out in their waiting room.


This is where I read and journaled for about 30 minutes. (I gave myself extra time before the massage to hang out in this spa-like setting and I gotta say, it really helped me get into a peaceful state.)


The massage was super relaxing. The bed I was on was warm and cozy and the sounds of the waves the entire time really helped me drift off into total relaxation.

I wasn’t ready to go when my time was over!

After that, I headed out to enjoy more of the day.

Shopping and Coffee

I had remembered that Starbucks gives free coffee on your birthday, so I made a pit stop for an afternoon pick-me-up in Silverlake. Their Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew was my choice. Always so good! I usually hold the sugar, but this time I didn’t. 😉


Next, I hit up Crossroads Trading. I wanted to see if I could find a cute birthday dinner outfit, but no luck. Man, do they have some cute stuff though. I’ll have to go back.

After that I headed home for a bit and Facetimed my parents and brother.

They’re too cute. It was really nice talking to them.

Even from so far, they make my birthdays so special. ❤


Dinner at Spago

Later at night, Sam took me out for a really lovely birthday dinner at Spago in Beverly Hills. (Spago is the flagship restaurant of the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group.)

I was impressed right away when we walked in. You could tell the service was amazing and their attention to detail was superb.

We got their pumpkin soup with parmesan crisp, and peach, burrata and prosciutto salad to split.

And then for our meals I got their handmade agnolotti with sweet white corn, mascarpone, and parmigiano reggiano, and Sam got prime rib with a bacon potato side.


Everything was amazing. We were blown away. We love food and really appreciate what goes into a menu like that.

Oh, and dessert… duh!

This was their Chocolate Inspiration “Analia Saban”: Dark Chocolate Semifreddo, Creme Fraiche, Hazelnut Joconde, Coffee Ice cream.



Thanks for an amazing night, Sam!


There’s a lot that I’m looking ahead to this year. Changes are inevitable. They’re the one constant in life, right?

I’m learning to be more open to them and “trust the system.”

I’m hopeful that 31 will bring me so much good. I want to remain open to what life has in store for me and surround myself with lots of positivity.

Thanks for reading ❤


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