Sharing Our BEST News Yet

Hello, fam & friends!

Well… I’m writing with some exciting news that I’ve been DYING to share for months now… my biggest and best lifelong dream is coming true come late this July.

Guys, I’m pregnant!!!

It’s been so difficult keeping something so exciting and life-changing from so many people I love, but Sam and I wanted to wait until I was into my second trimester to share the great news.

Today, I’m going to be recapping lots about my first trimester and just giving the raw details of what life’s been like since I found out last November.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sam and I have been wanting to start a family for a lil bit now. We’ve been married for almost 2 years and together for almost 9!

Basically, our mindset was… if it happens, it happens.

It’s crazy that as soon as it becomes something you want, your anxieties and stresses get in the way. I think once I relaxed a bit about it, that’s when it finally happened for me. The best advice I received was to chill, go about life normally, and stay positive. (Honestly, just overall great advice for anything in life.)

I found out REALLY early on that I was pregnant… like basically as soon as I could, I DID. I had taken a pregnancy test on a Monday and when I got the negative result, I was BUMMED. I really thought it was going to be THIS time. But then I remember, it was just a couple days later on Thursday morning before work (Nov. 15 to be exact) that I decided to take another test, and THIS time, it was as clear as day… a positive result.

Pure. JOY.

I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I could… but I was just over-the-moon happy with it and how I was feeling. I decided to keep it a secret so I could tell Sam in a private, cute way.

The next day we decided to have a Fri-date at the movies, so before we went, I wrapped up the pregnancy test as a small “random” gift (we do this sometimes, so it wasn’t too out-of-the-blue) and I handed it to him. He was SHOCKED and super happy! “Oh my god, no way! REALLY? REALLLLLLY?”

He couldn’t believe I kept it a secret for almost 2 days from him. I couldn’t either.

Between then and Christmas, it was just the two of us (and my doctor) who knew. And believe me, it was HARD as hell to not share it with our family and friends. I really wanted nothing more than to include them in this… but I knew we had to wait until we had a couple routine doctor visits before sharing.

Seeing the ultrasound, though it really didn’t look like all that much of a person yet, was super fascinating and relieving. And then hearing the heartbeat was amazing. It really does start to make things seem more real, especially when you’re so early on and not showing or feeling much different.

We decided there would be nothing better than sharing the news with them than on Christmas. My parents came out to LA so we told them in person with cute T-shirts that announced it with “Nana” and “Papou” (Greek for grandfather) and then we Facetimed Sam’s parents to surprise them too in the same way. Everyone was SO happy—there were screams, tears and even speechless moments. We couldn’t have asked for better, more heartfelt reactions. This is going to be the first grandchild on both family sides, so it’s sorta a big deal. 😉

Now that you’re caught up on the very beginning of this experience for me, here’s a little more on what the journey has been like from then until now.

How have I been feeling?
Honestly, overall… it’s been really great for me. I’ve been lucky. In November/early December I was REALLY exhausted a lot of the time… cat-napping, sleeping more, exercising less, wanting to go out less, and overall just lacked the motivation to do much other than work. (And even that was tough some days.) I had a couple weeks back in mid-December where I felt really crummy with morning sickness, however I never threw up, not even once! (Knock on wood.) Mostly just a lot of nausea. I felt bad because when my parents were out visiting was probably one of the worst times for me… but of course, they were the most understanding. Now into the second trimester, I can say I am feeling WAY better… working out more regularly, feeling more energized at night and no more dizziness/upset stomach. Woo!

Tips for nausea: I found that Saltine crackers, things containing ginger, water, rest, taking it slow, and these Preggie Pop Drops helped to soothe my stomach.

How has it been with no caffeine and alcohol?
Well, I gave up coffee completely for the first two months. I had always heard coffee was a no-no for pregnant women so I stayed clear. That was before my doctor totally assured me that 200 milligrams of caffeine a day was 100% fine for me and the baby. I really was hesitant to have it, but honestly, going from my normal 2 cups a day to none was pretty brutal (though I somehow never had withdrawal headaches), so I was happy to add it back into my life again. I’m just sticking with my one morning cup and that’s been nice.

img_20181120_072124_333I’ve obviously not had a sip of alcohol since I found out and that’s been actually totally chill. I miss wine a little but ehhh, I’m good. I had cut down on alcohol anyway when we were trying, so the change hasn’t really been an issue. I guess the only thing that kinda stinks is social settings where drinking is front and center. I’ve honestly avoided those gatherings a lot in the beginning but now that people know, I won’t as much. They’ll get it! Cheers to ginger-ale mocktails, lol.

How has my diet been?
I’ve had some pretty crazy food aversions and cravings. In the beginning, the smell of coffee DISGUSTED me which was hilarious because I’m normally SO into it. I couldn’t even be in the kitchen when Sam was brewing it. I also was not really into the stuff I typically loved… fresh veggies, hummus, chicken, soups… a lot of things and textures turned me off.

What I was craving were things like milkshakes (legit made a run to Shake Shack late one night) and burgers and fries (Hello, In ‘N Out!). So funny because I am NOT a fast food kind of gal and really try to eat healthy 90% of the time. Oh, and CEREAL. I have been all about it and it’s something we NEVER buy, so it’s been a new staple in our cabinet. 🙂

Anyway, I listened to my body and kind of just let myself have the food I was craving since I didn’t want to NOT be eating. I am happy to say, I am back to what I love eating now and have maintained a relatively healthy diet of lean meat, some fish, veggies, fruit, greens, grains and TONS of water.

Oh, one more thing about food… there are some things I have had to avoid, like unpasteurized cheeses (soft cheeses), anything containing running eggs (mayo, aioli), sushi, and deli meats. So, grocery shopping and eating out has been a little tougher but I’m getting the hang of it.

How has my exercise routine changed?
I had slowed things down in the beginning because honestly, I was kind of nervous about it and rather than telling people about my pregnancy and modifying, I just avoided it all together. I was walking, doing Zumba here and there and light yoga, but overall, exercise took a back seat around the holidays.


Since then though, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things, working out about 4 days/week and modifying where I need to (not lying on my stomach, not overexerting myself, taking water breaks, etc.). My doctor has highly encouraged me to keep active so I fully intend of working out until I physically can’t anymore. That brings me to the next thing you may be wondering…

What’s going to happen with my Yoga Teacher Training that I signed up for at the end of last year?

GOOD news! It’s still a go.


Both my doc and the yoga studio owner/teachers have OK’d me to continue the course and so, as long as I’m feeling good, I’ll be completing it until June (Wow, I’ll be 8 months! Pray for me….. haha). No, I’m kidding. I think it’ll be really good for me (and the babes) and such a wild, cool experience to be doing it pregnant. I think it’s going to give me such a crazy interesting outlook on yoga, life and motherhood. Although it’s not how I expected to be taking the course, life happens and I knew there was a chance it could pan out like this since we were trying after all. I’m excited! Here’s an update on the yoga training if you’re curious. 🙂

Am I showing?
Just ever so slightly, now that I’m 17 weeks! I am waiting for the day I look down and see something but as of right now, there’s no real bump. I’ve gained a few pounds but nothing significant. I’m sure if you see me soon, you may begin to see the changes. 😉 I heard I’ll begin to show when I’m 4-5 months in since this is my first pregnancy, so we shall see!

Here’s what I looked like at close to 14 weeks.


Are we having a boy or girl?
We don’t know and we’re excited to keep it that way. 💗💙 Surprise us, universe! As long as our baby is happy and healthy, we are good. It’s funny because I think Sam would love a son and I would love a daughter, but we both have also said how we’d be totally happy having either, so… 👍🏻.

How has Sam been dealing with all of this?
He’s been amazing and he’s super excited (and nervous, obviously). I am too. Duh. But yeah, he has helped me a ton with aiding my morning sickness, providing encouragement and support, helping out a ton around the apartment, and just overall being there when I’m laying on the couch with one eye open asking for the controller haha. This whole thing is a BIG deal. Definitely the biggest thing we’ve ever had to prepare for, individually and together as a couple. I have no doubt it’ll just bond us more.


We’ve had some really big convos about life, the future, how we want to parent, and just a little bit of everything you can think of. Our parents have been great resources for us to learn from and as the months go on, we’ll be absorbing so much from those around us as we prep for this chapter.

What am I most excited for?
Honestly, I’ve wanted this my whole life. To me, having a family is the #1 thing I’ve ever wanted. I consider what Sam and I have “a family” already but I’ve always wanted kids and it feels really special to be embarking on that at this point in my life. I feel ready. I’m really looking forward to the bond, the memories, and just all that’s to come like birthdays, holidays, laughs, and teaching a little one what I know about the world. I hope I’m good at it! 😀 You hear that no one’s ever really ready for parenthood, so I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

The response from the family and friends we’ve told has been so amazing. Everyone’s been jumping for joy for us which makes me feel more at ease looking to the weeks and months ahead. It’s just so sweet to hear people say “Oh, you’ll be great!” “You’re gonna be an awesome mom!” (Thanks guys!) “Oh my god, there’s nothing like it.” I just beam when I hear these things because it gets me even more excited for all the ways that life’s about to change.

So… well, that’s about all I can think of for now. If you want to know more about my pregnancy experience so far, feel free to reach out! And if you’re a mom or dad and have any valuable parenting/baby advice for me, I’m all ears. 

Thanks for reading and sharing in on my excitement! I’m so happy it’s out there now and I can share my journey to motherhood more openly now (though I probably won’t be sharing too much. Lol.).




  1. That’s amazing girl, congrats!! Being a mama is seriously the coolest thing I’ve dver experienced, you’re going to LOVE it! So much fun, and watching your partner become a father is like… the greatest thing ever. Btw I ate pretty much all cheese when I was preg bc uh the US it’s reeaaallly hard to find unpasteurized cheese. You have to really search it out so I ate all cheeses. I say go for it if you miss it! So excited to follow your journey ❤️


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