Meet Me On The Mat: Life Lately

Happy Friday, everyone! How are things going in your world?

All is well here. Since nothing is too new, I figured today’s post could be more of a life update than anything else. Cool? 😊

Yoga Teacher Training:

My yoga course has continued to be the best thing ever! I just started Week 5 last night and it was all about “energetics” which I found really fascinating. Things like: aura, energy fields, vibrations, reiki, movement and other really cool things.

I’ve made lots of great friends and now we bump into each other all the time at various classes, which is fun. I still can’t believe I’m not even half way through the course. Sometimes I feel like it’ll take forever, and others, I wish it would slow down because I know I’ll miss it a lot when it’s done (but I’ll also be really busy with other major things 👶😉).


I do wonder how my practice will change once I’m further along… significantly, I’m sure. I’ll be taking lots of Prenatal and Restore classes, instead of the more vigorous Vinyasa Flow ones that I still love taking now. One my instructors told me I looked so strong in class the other night and it made me really proud of myself. Plus, “strong” is such a great compliment to me… especially right now.

I’ve also been doing my yoga observations these past couple weeks and will continue to next month. I have to complete 10 in all. Basically, I observe a variety of classes in the back of the studio, take notes, and study how the classes are taught. I have so much admiration for the teachers. They make it look so easy but teaching, speaking, and demonstrating all at once is no joke.

Here’s a photo I snapped quietly from the back of a Flow class observation earlier this week.


Also, can we talk about the best husband ever? SAM!!

He’s not only the best cook, friend, support system, and partner I could ever ask for… he also let’s me practice yoga adjustments on him to keep my new skills sharp. 🙆

What a guy.


Pregnancy: Week 22

I’m definitely feeling/seeing a lot of growth these past couple weeks. Literally, it feels as if someone is stretching my stomach. Weird stuff.

I’d say I’ve officially “popped” even though people are still telling me I look “small” for what stage I’m at in the pregnancy, whatever that means… lol.


Around Week 20/21, I started feeling the baby move 💕…. Little taps and flutters in my lower stomach, mostly at night. It’s been really cool for us to feel he/she. Sam and I have been playing and talking to the baby more so he/she gets used to music and our voices.

We’ve also been collecting more and more baby items. Yeah, it’s still early but we don’t want to wait until crunch time to get everything. Plus, it’s been great to slowly get rid of stuff we currently don’t need anymore (old clothes, furniture, clutter) to make room for more baby stuff. Friends and family have already been so supportive and have been going out of their way for us. Very grateful.

We love the baby’s bassinet my parents sent us. It’s cool because the side can move down and it can be a co-sleeper on the side of the bed if you want. We’ll probably use it more as a stand-alone bassinet but hey, you never know! (Literally, I don’t know what to expect… haha!!)


Also, how cute are these baby clothes our friends gifted us? 😍 I’m a tad bit obsessed with little baby clothes, guys…


Upcoming Things:

Let’s see…

We’re going back to MA in early May for about a week for my baby shower, and to visit with family and friends. Very excited for it! It’s crazy how everyone will see me pregnant for the first time while I’m almost 7 months in, and then the next time will be WITH baby. Wow. Life’s a whirlwind.

I’m so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Every time we go back to MA, I feel surrounded by love and support. It’s the best feeling.

Recently, Sam and I booked a… what do they call it? “Babymoon.” (Insert eye roll 🙄) Well, sort of. It’ll be an early wedding anniversary trip too on Memorial Day weekend down in Laguna Beach, one of our favorite spots.

Throwin’ it back to last year…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, only and hour+ away but you feel SO far away there. Very tropical vibes. It’ll be nice to relax, just us two, before it’s forever us THREE. Wow.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

What are you up to this weekend? I have a pretty busy one. Tonight’s a date night—dinner and seeing the movie Us (I’m scared already). Tomorrow, I have my yoga course and then we’re going to a live music podcast with our Uncle Ed, and then Sunday, I have my course again all day.

Let’s DO it!

Have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend.



  1. So cool that your studio requires you to actively view classes and not just participate! I hadn’t heard of that before. I imagine it’s a totally different experience taking notes and viewing 100% instead of being caught up in your singular poses.

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