Life At 31 Weeks Pregnant

Well… my most recent posts have all been sort of like life updates more than anything else, but I guess that’s okay, right?

Time is just FLYING by. I swear, I thought that my time being pregnant would feel longer than this, but then I blinked and I was at 31 weeks. And now, I feel like there’s no time left at all before the baby’s here… though some moms have been saying those last few weeks really inchhhhhhhhh by. We shall see how it goes for me!

Here’s the latest from life at 31 weeks.


Baby Becker’s Shower:

On May 6, we flew out to Massachusetts to visit family and friends for the week and celebrate Baby B at our baby shower!


It was a great week reconnecting with everyone and were beyond touched by all the thoughtful and generous gifts, decorations, cards, hugs, and well wishes.

I’ve said this before but we really are surrounded by the best people ever.

And if you’re wondering how we traveled back to MA with all the gifts, we packed a huge suitcase and the rest of it, my mom shipped over. 🙂

A special thank you to my Mom and mother-in-law for throwing us the best, most special shower ever!


I got to see my two best friends’ new homes—and they were just as lovely as I imagined. It’s so cool seeing your friends hit major life goals like that. I’m super proud and excited for them!

Here’s me bumpin’ with Julia. I’m so happy our kids will only be 2 months apart. 🙆


Also, I got to see Jess and shower her with love a little early for her wedding later this year. We had pizza and ice cream. What could top that?!

If you’ve never been to Railtrail Flatbread Co. or New City Microcreamery – go now!

Needless to say, Sam and I really enjoyed our vacation.

Mother’s Day:

It was so nice getting to actually spend this past Mother’s Day WITH my mom in person, unlike the past 5 or so that I’ve been in CA. We went out on a rainy Sunday morning for breakfast at a local diner, showered my mom with gifts and flowers, and then later that day, Sam and I flew back to the west coast.

Sam made this Mother’s Day extra sweet this year by gifting me some beautiful red roses and a card as I prep for motherhood. He’s the best!



Sam’s 31st:

Two days after we got back from our trip was Sam’s birthday! We celebrated with pepperoni/cheese calzones (for Sam!… since I can’t have deli meat while pregnant), “Phish Food” ice cream, presents (also Phish-related 😂), and a red velvet cupcake for the birthday boy. I think he enjoyed himself. 😊

Then later that week on Friday, we went out to celebrate (more officially) at Atrium in Los Feliz, since his actual birthday was us being super tired/lazy after our trip. We split an artichoke appetizer to start…. aren’t they kinda awkward to eat? I think so. 😂 Sam loved his steak and even said it was probably one of the best he’s ever had. I had a cauliflower dish that was super good too.

Sam got all fancy with his drink.


Pregnancy Update:

I am still feeling quite good on mostly all fronts (yay!), but with a growing bump comes some developing discomforts, like… getting comfortable in bed, working out the same way that I used to/want to, and just generally moving around day-to-day. There’s just so much more weight in my midsection than I’m used to, it takes me more time to adjust and get up from certain positions. Also, there’s a little abdominal discomfort as the baby gets bigger. But yeah, none of this comes as a surprise.


I had a 30 week glucose test that came back elevated, so I went in for a 3-hour lab test to see if I had gestational diabetes. Phew! I don’t. That was great news, especially after fasting and going through a whole morning of waiting in an office and getting blood drawn.

We’ve also been setting up the nook more and more and I’m really loving how it’s coming along. I hope Baby B does too. I love displaying all his/her cute little outfits. It gets me so excited. So giddy.

A small part of me is getting a little bit more anxious about the actual birth/delivery experience. It’s funny because for so long I never even thought about that part (obviously I’d have to birth a baby but I never really stressed about it).

But lately, I’ve been imagining it more… the pain, the process, the expectations I have… and talking to moms has helped a little, but it’s also almost clouded my brain with “what if’s”, so for the rest of my pregnancy I’m going to keep it cool and calm, and just KNOW that I will be fine and all will go well. I’m in good hands.

Yoga Teacher Training:

Somehow… I only have TWO more weekends of teacher training to go (can you believe it?), and the majority of it will be spent practice teaching class, and presenting our final projects and learnings to the group. Like I said, time is zooming by in lightening speed.

We’ve had so much fun these past fews, especially. The group just keeps getting closer and we’ve enjoyed some leisurely lunches at a local Italian restaurant (fresh pasta and affogato, anyone?), good laughs, and intense/stressful moments of getting the courage to guide class on our own. It’s MUCH scarier than you’d imagine, but I know it’ll get easier with more experience and practice.

(P.S. my final project is going to be based around Tibetan prayer flags. Have you ever seen them before? They’re beautiful and super meaningful.)

I keep thinking about when I’ll actually start teaching. Ideally, I would have loved to start ASAP but with Baby B almost here, it’s probably best I wait until later this summer/fall to get started. Would you take my class? 😛

Though part of me is ready to complete this class (hi, I’m over 7 months pregnant now and the course started in late January!), another part of me will really miss this and all the connections I’ve made with everyone… though that’s not to say our friendships or yoga learnings are over. Not one bit!


Work has been going really great. We’re sort of in between our spring and summer shows (Survivor finaled 2 days after I got back from MA), so things are definitely about to pick up (Big Brother and Love Island). I got promoted back in April, which was super exciting for me, so I’ve been pushing forward in my new role as an Associate Social Media Producer. (Crazy to think I started on this new team just over a year ago… )

It’s nuts to think my maternity leave will begin in mid-July. That’s really not that far away! I’m truly looking forward to that time home with Baby B and all the joys that will come with being a first-time mother. I am ready to see life in a new way and to experience parenthood with Sam. I know he will be great too and we will grow even closer through this chapter. Very ready, very happy. 💗

There are also so many things I’m looking forward to:
Our babymoon in Laguna, our 2nd wedding anniversary, my California baby shower, our baby prep classes, my friend Caitie’s visit in June, graduating from yoga teacher training, and a couple “summer Fridays” I have planned where I can prep for Baby B and relax a little. 🙌🏼

Well.. I guess that’s about it for now. Those are all my updates!


Cheers to parenthood and ALL that’s to come! ☕️

Thanks for reading,

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