My Favorite Parts Of Being A Mom

Heyhey! How are you guys doing?

I can’t believe Henry is already 11 weeks old and well on his way to 3 months! That’ll be the end of the fourth trimester for me. How?! When?! Though the days tend to feel long (even though my routine is the same over and over), it’s all really flying by fast.

The last few blog posts I’ve written mostly about my new mom struggles. I haven’t really highlighted all the GREAT parts of being a mother (whoops). I think it’s time I do that because, well, even though it’s been challenging as hell, it’s also been such a special time for me and our little family.

The bond

For one, being with your baby is a bond you can’t put into words, even if you tried. They’re a piece of you and your partner/husband, and that alone is CRAZY special. I look at Henry and see myself, and then Sam, and WOW… it hits me. This little human is a product of our love. I still can’t believe we CREATE life. C’mon… that’s wild!

The smiles

I’ll never forget Henry’s first smile. Sam and I were reading to him on the couch when he was almost 7 weeks old, and we both looked over at him and there it was—the biggest, loveliest grin we ever saw. Basically, he looked like the heart eyes emoji. 😍 His smile took over his whole tiny face. It was incredible. Now we get lots of smiles and every time, it blows me away. The cutest!


Our walks

I try to get out most mornings after his first feeding for a nice neighborhood stroll. It’s been so hot in LA this summer, so I aim to enjoy the cooler mornings before the sun is scorching. Henry tends to sleep during our walks. Works for me!

The mother-son connection

I really do feel that we have something unique. They say moms and sons do, and I believe it now. When I hold him, I feel him hold me back. (Awwwww!) He just kind of collapses into me with love and comfort, and it feels amazing. He’s my little cuddle buddy. (Since Day 1, he’s been a big cuddler.)

His tininess

Sometimes I wish time would just slowwwwww down. Although I can’t wait to talk to Henry and share in life’s fun adventures with him, I’ll miss him being this small. When he’s upset and I hug him, I feel like his protector and there’s no greater feeling. He fits like a glove in my arms and I just want him to be tiny FOREVER.

He’s even too small for this little onesie.


Our “conversations”

Even though he’s so young and probably has no idea what I’m saying, I do enjoy talking to him and asking him questions, lol. (“What are you thinking about?” “How are you today?” “What do you want to do now?”) I’d like to think we’re chatting in the car and at home, with his little coos and noises. Developmentally, I know it’s really good to converse with him and engage him in this way, so I’ll keep doing it. 😉

Coming home to him

I’ve been around Henry basically every hour of every day since he was born on July 4, but of course, there are times when I go out to a yoga class or out with a friend, and we’re separated for some time. When I come home, I LOVE saying hi to him and kissing him. 😀 I miss him lots, even if it’s only been an hour.

Seeing life through his eyes

Everything to Henry is BRAND new. People. Noises. Sights. Colors. Smells. Toys. Songs. I love watching him experience things for the first time. He soaks it up like a sponge (which usually looks like this 👀). And his reactions are so pure and honest. I’ll be so curious to see what his interests and passions are as he grows. For now, we just keep exposing him to things we enjoy like nature, music, and restaurants. 😉

Dressing him in cute clothes

Duh. Having a baby is like having the cutest doll ever. Baby clothes are ADORBS. He is so fun to dress and since he’s growing so fast, I just keep putting him in all the sweetest outfits before he outgrows everything. Sometimes he’s in 2-3 outfits a day… mostly because of spit-up though. Haha!


Okay… this one is a balance, of course, because most mornings I’m exhausted from being up throughout the night, buttttt… I love saying good morning to Henry and starting the day on a sweet, positive note. “Good morning, buddy! How are you today? Oooo, what a nice morning stretch!!”

Spending time as a family of three

I literally can’t wait for Sam to come home every day. Obviously it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands with a baby, but also I just love being a family of three during the nights and weekends. It’s incredible seeing my husband and son connect like they do, and to experience new things as a little family. I feel very lucky that I have this life and these guys to spend it with.

Bonding with other moms

It’s crazy… As soon as I became a mom, I had more empathy, respect, compassion and a sense of loyalty to all the other moms out there, especially my own. There’s nothing quite like being a mom (even though I’m just getting started). The challenges. The joys. The ups. The downs. The commitment. The sacrifices. I feel like my whole life changed overnight and though I do miss parts of my former life at times, this life is way richer. Even when I’m down and stressed and tired, there is a new sense of purpose. Henry has given me so much already and I know he’ll just continue to give my life new meaning.

Well, there you have it…

I could keep going.

Life with Henry is a special thing. He brings me endless joy. I love being his mom.


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