Henry’s First (Quarantined) Easter

It’s Day 26 of us home, quarantined as a family of three.

Easter looked different than we had planned. No big family get togethers. No extravagant meals. No big gifts. It was a quiet, quarantined Easter and the first for Henry. I was somewhat sad that it wasn’t what I had imagined for him but he won’t remember it so I’m trying not to let it weigh on me.

I do think ahead to his birthday on July 4th, though, and wonder if that will still go as planned. There’s really no point in worrying about it now, right?

So here’s what our Easter looked like this year.

We were gifted anisette cookies and daffodils from our upstairs neighbors.

Henry played with plastic eggs, rabbit stuffed animals, wore a yellow kimono and a bulky sweater.

And, we tie dyed some eggs (well, I did) and made crafts (a few days ago) for Henry’s grandparents.

Oh, and we walked around the Wachusett Dam because today reached 60 and that’s warm in New England around this time!

We may be stuck inside but I’m still creating memories where I can—as quiet as they may be.





How did you spend your Easter?

Heading into what will be a busy week at work and possibly the surge of COVID-19.

Talk soon!


Here are just a couple more pics that make me smile from Saturday—walking around  a Hunnewell Trail. I hope Henry grows to love the outdoors like us.



    • How are you Auntie?!

      Will send you artwork!! 😉 I got some good ones ready to mail.

      You’re always so on top of bdays and holidays. 🙂 Anything fun for him to play outside with would be great or diapers and wipes. You know, the must-haves lol! I want him to play outside in the sun since we’ve been stuck inside for weeks now…. oh, I miss THAT weather!


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