Friday Feature: Bolton Bean

Moving back to Central Mass after living in LA for over six years left me eager to find the cute and cozy coffee spots in my suburban area.

Real talk — It was tough leaving behind the amazing coffee shops I had frequented and grown to love near my city apartment, which was surrounded by a handful of small locally-owned businesses with unique selections. The quiches at Proof Bakery, iced vanilla lattes at The Village Bakery and organic drip coffee from Highlight Coffee will always hold a special place in my coffee-lovin’ heart.

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It’s January 2020 and I was on a mission: Find the best coffee spots near me and bring that joy back into my (new) routine as a working mom who suddenly found herself at a new job working remotely with a one-year-old. Talk about needing caffeine more than ever.

Enter Bolton Bean.

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 7.39.13 AM

My husband and I were driving around the towns near our new home one Saturday morning when we stumbled upon Bolton Bean. I was immediately excited to see a local coffee shop in the distance. (I mean, come ON… it’s so sweet and appealing, right?)


“Oh! That place looks cute,” I told Sam as we drove into the parking lot to grab some coffees for our weekend ride.

I loved how quaint the space was inside. Warm, with scents of freshly brewed coffee, smiling helpful faces and tons of customers in line looking to get their grub on — always a good sign. I knew we had found a good spot. And I’d be back.

I remember Sam ordering a maple latte and raving about it for days. We enjoyed some Vermonter breakfast sandwiches with our morning beverages and everything just really hit the spot.

What They’ve Got:

Their menu has a little bit of everything good. Obviously, delicious coffee. Cold brew is one of their best-sellers and they proudly use local roasters for their coffees and teas. I love that they offer farm-fresh milk, dairy and eggs from High Lawn Farms out of Lee, and that their produce supply comes from Applefield Farm in Stow.

Local is best! And stores that support other local places is just a lovely thing to see.

Their vast selection of sandwiches, salads and wraps include options for everyone in the fam. We love their 626 Panini and Turkey Terrific, and how hearty and tasty they are. (Honestly, anything slathered with avocado and herb mayo has me sold.)

Because all of their food is made to order (hello, fresh!), they can accomodate your dietary/allergy restrictions and customize items as you’d like. For me, that meant ditching the multi-grain bread with my panini because of my sunflower seed allergy (that’s a story for another day).

There are so many items I have yet to try! More reasons to return, am I right?

Anyway, check these babies out that we ordered yesterday.

The 626 Panini


The Turkey Terrific 


Mac & Cheese


Iced Chai Latte

I’m also a sucker for a flavorful, rich chai and enjoyed an iced chai latte with coconut milk.

(Am I the only one who switches up the dairy they use based on the drink? Lol. I drink everything from whole milk to oat milk — to almond milk and cashew milk. I love it all.)

Because of, you know… COVID (sigh), they’ve been using their online ordering system a ton—and have found that it speeds things up greatly for their both their staff and customers.

I love using it! I just order everything from my phone, take the scenic drive over and my items are there waiting for me, labeled with my name on one of their side tables. It’s convenient, safe, and super quick.

Order Online: Bolton Bean


Upon exiting, I took mental note of their gorgeous multi-leveled patio which has been enjoyed a ton recently by their loyal customers. Tons of tables to sit out at and ample space to spread out… a must for life these wild COVID days, right?

I’ll be back Bolton Bean, again and again. ❤️

Thank you for bringing me joy and something salty and something sweet. You’re just what this coffee lover needed especially during such a strange and surreal time.

At the end of the day, there’s always coffee…

and matcha.

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 8.21.43 AM

If you’re a local business and would like to be featured on The Good Getter, reach out! I am always looking to try a new treat, dish, beverage or meal. I will drive for good food. Or coffee. Or dessert.

You get me.


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