A Little Look Into Life These Days

Hi everyone!

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I’ve missed it!

Being a working mom has me on the go constantly, so it always feels nice to slow down, reflect and share with you the little parts of my life that had me start this blog in the first place – family, food, career, wellness, and self-care. (Remember my first blog post? January 21, 2017. 😆)

Here’s the latest on all the life things.


Henry is just about 19 months old. I can’t believe what a little man he has become. So much hair (lol), personality, energy and spunk! He is ready to go as soon as he wakes around 6am and loves anything that includes books, buses, music and sorting things (my little organizer). 😉 He’s a great napper and sleeper (so grateful), and is definitely an observer, taking in his surroundings and getting a feel for new people and places as he sees them. Henry’s vocabulary has been really exploding. He’s sharing new words every day and is able to communicate his wants and needs so well now.

I love watching him grow. That boy is my greatest gift.

Sledding inside because it was bitter cold this past week.


Since WFH all these months now (going on 11 months, cannot believe it), I’ve been spending extra time in the kitchen – like… a lot. Sam and I already love to cook so much, but I think this whole quarantine has deepened my love for baking. I absolutely love trying out new recipes for myself and my family, and landing on new blogs that center around food. I usually bake 2-3 times a week and then share it with our families.

Here are some finger-lickin’ good recipes I’ve made and loved:

Avocado Sweet Potato Tacos

Spinach Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese

Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Come. On!

Gingerbread Granola

Skinny Double Chocolate Muffins

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

The Best Chocolate Cake

We’ve explored some local spots when we can get out here and there. So nice to break up the monotony of being home 24/7 — and good for my sanity!

Here are some places I’d highly recommend checking out in the Central MA area:

Coffeelands – delicious coffee, bagel sandwhiches and acai bowls

Clinton Bar & Grille – honestly, some of the best local food – crazy good pizza, huge entrees, yummy salads, tasty soups

Pammy’s Place – to-die-for breakfast sandwhiches, coffees, muffins and more

I mean…. wow. This is their bacon, egg and cheese on an Asiago bagel.

Bolton Bean – fun coffee flavors, tasty breakfast and lunch options, to-go meals for busy peeps

Also, another fun food-related update—we got a Nespresso! We love it. We went back and forth on whether we wanted to spend money on a great coffee machine and, well, after much thought, we did it! Sam and I are big coffee lovers and since we’ve been home a lot more (especially me working remote), it’s been a nice lil treat. I legit get excited to wake up and make a cup.

We got the Vertuo Plus machine and it’s been fun trying out the different pods. Plus, the milk frother… so bomb! 

Highly reccomend.

So frothy!


Speaking of working remotely, I’ve been really enjoying my job and just hit my one-year anniversary! 🎉 What a whirlwind of a year. That also means we just passed our one-year mark back in Massachusetts. I won’t lie; I think of California often and am missing those sunny skies extra during these cold, long winter months. I’m definitely looking forward to spring! And of course, future visits back to LA to show Henry around his birth state. 👍🏼 (He’s still figuring out snow and his feelings on it.)

I’m looking ahead to all I’ll do in my role this year. It’s been busy, as you can imagine, working for a health care company during a pandemic. Never a dull moment or quiet day, really. I’m learning constantly from those in my team and department. So many great people!

I feel so lucky that I enjoy my job, get the flexibility that would make any busy mom feel supported, and have an incredibly kind boss and team.


You guys all know, I love all-things health and wellness.

I started teaching yoga online a month ago and it’s been going great so far! I teach a Slow Flow class Thursday evenings and I’m loving it. Basically, I had been really wanting to start teaching at a studio or privately in person but since COVID, my plans were stalled.

When I noticed my favorite studios and teachers going virtual, I realized I could totally do the same. The time is now! I’m so happy I jumped in when I did. I’m figuring out little things as I go like fine tuning lighting and audio, and making sure I’m offering the participants a good variety of what they’re looking for. I’m sure my class(es) will evolve over time, but for now, I’m very content with how things have been going and look forward to seeing what might come of this!

Let me know if you’d like to pop in for a class. 😃 It’s all-levels.

Once the nerves settle, teaching is FUN!

I’ve been taking One Down Dog classes online and also following some fitness yoga channels. Whatever I can fit into my busy schedule works! Even 10-15 minutes feels good if that’s all the time I’ve got.

I took part in “Dry January” which meant no alcohol for the first month of the year. It honestly felt really good to not drink (even though I rarely have more than a couple drinks a week these days… #tiredmomlife). Last night, after much debate, we had a little red wine when we had Italian food…

BUT, Jan. 30 is basically all month, right? 😬🤣 RIGHT?!


My self-care routine/rituals aren’t too luxurious these days, hah! It’s most been a mix of journaling, extra long showers (when you’re a mom, this = heaven) and buying myself a few things online. 

My journal is this one. It keeps me consistent and accountable with my intentions and goals, which is why I love it.

Coffee and journaling. Happy me.

I also recently purchased some Pure Haven products that I can’t wait to try out, as well as some Hudson Soap Kitchen soaps which smell divine and leave my skin feeling so soft.

Self-care for me also looks like Netflix, soft blankets, lighting Aud & El candles and snuggling Henry an unhealthy amount.

And a haircut. I really needed one. Felt good!

Oh, and lastly, hot water with lemon and honey to warm me up during these cold winter nights. So calming.

What’s new with you? Tell me in the comments!

Miss you all.

This will all be over soon, right? Say, by summer? I NEED A NORMAL SUMMER!


My love.

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