Hey there!

My name’s Ari and I’m so happy you’ve found your way over to The Good Getter—my happy space and what I hope will soon be yours, too.


I’m a 32-year-old social media manager and writer living in Central Massachusetts with my husband, Sam, and our one-year-old son Henry. We just relocated to MA earlier this year after living outside of Los Angeles for just over six years.  Sam (you can read about our wedding here), Henry and I decided moving back east to be near our families was the way to go for this fresh and exciting chapter in our lives. Returning to the brutal winters and giving up year-round beach days? Yeah, we did that. We may be a little nuts, but family is our everything and we’re ready for autumn beauty and trips up to Maine.

Currently, life is centered around little Henry James, who was born last year on July 4th!

I’m a creative manager by day and a photo-snapping, dancing, foodie by night. If there’s one thing I like to feel, it’s good. That’s how The Good Getter came to be.

Some of my favorite feel-good things include laughing, Zumba, yoga, hiking, cooking, baking, traveling, being at the beach, wine, home decor, reading, fashion, and self-care.

I try to offer my readers a mix of yoga/mindfulness posts, food photos and recipes, and personal stories around my life/marriage/travels.

I’m hoping I can spread even just a mere ounce of goodness each day to those you swing by for a read.

Thanks for being here,