Welcome, good getters! (Oh, wait—you’re not quite sure what being classified as a “good getter” means?) Don’t fret. Here’s what The Good Getter is all about and why I think you’re probably here.

Do you like feeling happy? Are you searching for the good in every.day.? Me too. That’s why anything goes on The Good Getter, meaning one day you may read about my first time hiking a new trail or a tasty recipe I’ve just added to my collection—and then—about a yoga class that’s kicking my tush or a new cocktail I’ve concocted.

Whatever it is I share, it has me feeling good and my hope is… you’ll be feeling the same.

We can all get caught up in the day-to-day hustle of work, running errands, raising kids, going to school, and reaching hard for every goal we’ve ever set for ourselves. So, what if we learned to slow down the pace? What if we loosened up and learned to laugh things off a bit more?

We’re all better off happy, anyway.


My belief is—we may be missing the sweet-filled surprises tucked into every “ordinary day” simply because we’re too busy pushing ahead. Crazy, right?

Let The Good Getter be your guide to all-things, well, you guessed it—good! Your source of inspiration and that extra breath of air (ahhhhhh) needed after a long, trying day.

What can you expect here? Lots about mom stuff, food, fitness, yoga, meditation, family, well-being, self-care, fashion, and just—well, life stuff.

Sure, there’s plenty of reasons to frown, but there’s even more to smile. So c’mon, be a good getter with me.

And, seriously—thank you for being here.